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Hours of work and rest registration

Guidance medical examinations shipping

Toolkit business response planning

Covid19 - Ship-Shore Personnel Interface Guidelines

Assigned doctors for medical examinations outside The Netherlands

ILenT statement proficiency survival crafts (other than fast rescue boats)

Help with applying dutch CoC for sailing

Practical guide Dutch seafarers act

Managing Ship and Seafarer Certificates during the Pandemic

Covid19 - Recommended Framework Of Protocols For Ensuring Safe Ship Crew Changes

KIWA statement of requirements for rating navigational watch

statement of requirements rating deck

Covid19 -Coronavirus guidance for ship operators for the protection of the health of seafarers

Table of shipboard working arrangements

Flow chart refresher trainings

Assigned doctors for medical examinations in the Netherlands

IlenT statement officer navigational watch sailing vessels

Guidance on eliminating shipboard harassment and bullying

Hours of work and rest registration including overtime

Covid19 - Corona policy

Overview of countries which accept the STCW certificates of Rood Boven Groen

Covid 19 - Paris MOU Guidance


Denmark SafeSeaNet reporting template

Registrationform SafeSeaNet

Registration SafeSeaNet

Sweden SafeSeaNet reporting template

Norway SafeSeaNet reporting template

EU2010/36 (previously EU 2009/45)

Checklist certification EU 2010/36 (2009/45)


Safety rules and standards for passenger ships


IMO FAL Form 7

IMO FAL Form 6

IMO FAL Form 2

IMO FAL Form 3

IMO FAL Form 4

IMO FAL Form 5

IMO FAL Form 1


MARPOL Annex V Poster

IMO Guidelines on board sampling

Resolution MEPC.227(64)

Garbage Management Plan

IMO Annex V discharge requirements

Garbage Record Book Part I

Ballast Water Management
Port State inspection checklist
Garbage Management Plan MEPC.277(70)

Baltic Sea Clean Shipping Guide

Guidelines Annex XIV disccharge of untreated sewage

IMO Guidance for recording oil record book

Guidelines Annex IV sewage

Port waste notification

Statement anti fouling system

Guidelines Annex VI fuel

SEEMP> 5000 GT fuel consumption EU MRV

Data collection system for fuel oil consumption of ships

Oil Record Book Instructions

EMSA Quality shipping, safer seas, cleaner oceans


DMLC part II

STCW Code seafarers

DMLC part I existing ships

DMLC part I annex traditional sailing vessels

DMLC part I issued on 18 January 2018

Circular invoering Manila amendments MSC.1/Circ.1560

DMLC part I annex existing ships with kiel before 20 August 2013

Checklist MLC 2006 Aide Memoire

Statement DMLC Part I (incl. 2014 MLC amendments)

MLC guide

Seafarers Employment Agreement (concept)

DMLC part I annex ships with kiel after 20 August 2013

STCW 2010 - A guide for seafarers

Seafarers employment agreement (concept) captain

Annex to DMLC part I for ships built from 20 August 2013

Guidance on eliminating shipboard harassment and bullying

MLC-2006 code as amended

DMLC part I new ships

DMLC part I new ships issued from 1 September 2015


SPS code (safety for special purpose ships)

Approval SPS training program Rood Boven Groen


Future IMO and ILO legislation

Guide harassment and bullying

Datema ENP-s

Medical equipment 2017

Ban on the use of asbestos on board; NSI flowdiagram

Checklist stowaways

Guide rescue at sea

International medical guide for ships

Guideline for the safety committee on board

Circulaire STCW7/Circ.24

Dat is juist, safety first!

Guide for damage control plan

IMO guide for cold water survival

Non-ISPS declaration Gulden Leeuw and Wylde Swan

Radio medical advice questionnaire

Guide kidnap and ransom risk focus

The human element, a guide to human behaviour in the shipping industry

Casualty of overboard valves

Guidelines for on board sampling

CIC Form 2019

concentrated inspection campaign emergency systems and procedures

MCA code of safe working practices

List of mandatory certificates and documents on board

Application form IMO number

Guidelines for the use of electronic certificates

Resolution MSC.421(98) - SOLAS Amendments adopted on 15 June 2017

IMO guidelines for a structure of an integrated system of contingency planning for shipboard emergencies

Non-ISPS declaration 2019

IMO Flag state contact points for PSC matters

Guidelines on safety during abandon ship drills MSC.1/Circ.1578

Privacy statement RBG

Ban on the use of asbestos on board ships; instruction

Covid-19 - guidance for ship operators for the protection of the health of seafarers

Radio medical advice

IMO List of certificates and documents required on board ships

Regulations medical equipment and explanation

Covid-19 - Contingency Plan and Guidelines

Guideline for cyber security onboard ships

EMSA Guidance inventory of hazardous materials

Questionnaire CIC on crew familiarization for enclosed space entry

Guide enclosed space entry

Practical guide Dutch seafarers act

MSC Guidelines treatment of persons rescued at sea

Guide for ship sanitation

Sailing area's Denmark

Guidelines for measures to prevent fires in engine-rooms

Questionnaire CIC on safety of navigation incl ECDIS questionnaire

Guide for damage control plan and information to the master


Resume Polar Code

For ships that do not require a Polar certificate

Polar code advisory

IMO Polar code overview

IMO Polar code

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