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Certificates of Competency STCW 2010

From the 1st of January 2017 all seafarers must be in the possession of a Certificate of Competency (CoC), which complies with STCW 2010. Following you will find a short overview of the most important issues regarding the application of a Dutch CoC under STCW 2010.


Refreshers, repeat with a ‘refresher’ every 5 years
All seafarers need to refresh the four safety trainings below (if compulsory for the certificate of competency) every 5 years by following a ‘refresher’ training. The below listed training modules need to be valid on the date of application for a new or upgraded CoC.
  1. Basic Safety Training, STCW section A-VI/1
  2. Advanced Firefighting, STCW section A-VI/3
  3. Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue Boats, STCW section A-VI/2
  4. Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats, STCW section A-VI/2

Medical training, repeat every 5 years
The below listed trainings are valid for 5 years. The medical trainings are linked to the CoC. You need to supply a valid medical training when applying for your CoC.
  1. Medical First Aid, STCW section A-VI/4.1
  2. Medical Care, STCW section A-VI/4.2 

Training for certain merchant marine competencies, no need for repetition
The below listed trainings have to be shown for application of an CoC before the 1st of January 2017.
  1. Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS), STCW section A-II/2
  2. Radar Navigation, STCW section A-II/1 & A-II/2
  3. High Voltage STCW section A-III/1 & A-III/2 
Please note that a diploma/certificate may not be older than 4 years by the first application of the CoC.


Extension, upgrade or renewal of a Certificate of Competency

Extend a Certificate of Competency
To extend a valid CoC you have to prove that you kept your competency by showing evidence of authorised sea service while in possession of a valid CoC in that particular position. The required sea service is as follows:
  • For a CoC as officer in the merchant shipping sector and for all sailing vessels: 360 days within the last 5 years OR 90 days in the last 6 months
  • For a CoC as officer on sailing vessels < 500 GT: 180 days (= 1 season) within the last 5 years, or 90 days (= ½ season) in the last 6 months 
  • For an extension of a CoC one can interchange the sea service of all sectors as long as the sailing time was in a relevant position.
Upgrade a Certificate of Competency
Upgrad a CoC can be done through a extra training/education and/or demonstrating sea service. When upgrading a CoC the sea service is only partly interchangeable: a minimum of 90 days sea service has to have been within the sector the upgrade in competency is for.
Please note: every training has a maximum on the competency that can be reached. You can look up the possibilities in our flow charts.

Renew an expired Certificate of Competency
An expired CoC can only be renewed if it expired less than 5 years ago. This can be done in several ways
  • Sea service of 90 dagen as supernumerary in a similar position
  • Getting your diploma reactivated, in some cases possible through the ‘EVC-procedure (Eerder Verworven Competentie – procedure how to get outdated diploma's reactivated)

If the CoC has been expired over 5 years ago
  • Getting a new diploma, as above
  • Following the complete safety trainings 
Please note: in some cases someone without enough sea service time can make use of alternative service and/or similar positions.


Specific Issues for Sailing Vessels 

  • The diploma Stuurman Zeilvaart issued by the Enkhuizer Zeevaartschool is a proof of knowledge. In combination with the necessary six months practical period with a signed internship booklet this will entitle you to apply for the CoC of Officer in charge of a navigational watch sailing ships.
  • CoCs for sailing vessels < 500 GT fall under the Regeling bemanning zeegaande zeilschepen
  • CoCs for sailing vessels >  500 GT fall under the Besluit zeevarenden handelsvaart en zeilvaart

For further information on Certificates of Competency and the associated training requirements please Rood Boven Groen directly via E: