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iso certified
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specification of documents

  1. Passport photo needs to be conform the criteria of the Dutch Government.
  • size 4,5 cm x 3,5 cm
  • minimum resolution (scanned) at 300 dpi, pixels 709 x 522
  • photo needs to show both ears and closed mouth
  • for complete specifications please click here
  1. Other documents need to be scanned with a minimum of 300 dpi and well readable
  2. Documents requiring a signature need to be signed. 
  3. Sea service needs to be demonstrated with a scan of the seaservice in the discharge book or an official declaration of the shipping company. In case of an application for a captain-owner, by means of a declaration of the accountant. 
  4. For the application Rating forming part of a navigational watch the form 'Bekwaamheid gezel dek” (Master’s declaration for rating navigational watch). It needs to be filled out and signed by the captain. 
  5. For an application of your first discharge book we need an official declaration of your shipping company, which states that the applicant is in service of the undersigned shipping company. For an application for extension of your discharge book you need to demonstrate your sea service. 
Click here to apply through Rood Boven Groen