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Application Certificate of Competency (CoC) and discharge book

Rood Boven Groen will gladly assist you with the first application, extension, upgrade or renewal of your Certificate of Competency (CoC). You can let us know via email –or telephone if you wish- which CoC you would like. We will then let you know which documents are required and send you a checklist. For a specification of the necessary documents, please click here.

Once all the required documents have been received by us, Rood Boven Goen will start the procedure with KIWA Register. Rood Boven Groen will take care of any further communication with KIWA Register. You can decide to receive the document by regular mail or collect it yourself in our office situated in Harlingen (The Netherlands).

Click here to start your application through Rood Boven Groen
RATES application for seafarer Certificates 2016

Discharge book € 72,00 € 55,00 € 127,00  
CoC Rating € 74,00 € 77,00 € 151,00  
CoC Sailing Vessels € 110,00 € 88,00 € 198,00  
CoC Officer Merchant Vessels € 110,00 € 104,00 € 214,00  
CoC Recognition and CRA € 140,00 € 104,00 € 244,00  
Additional express charges € 84,00 € 25,00 € 109,00  
Registered mail The Netherlands       € 8,35
Registered mail Europe       € 11,95
Registered mail other       cost price
Pick up at our office in Harlingen       free
  • Rates are based on delivery of your documents as specified by Rood Boven Groen. Any deviation may be charged at an additional cost of € 68 per hour.
  •  All rates are exclusive of 21% VAT.