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Advice and help with implementing the MLC-2006, (Maritiem arbeidsverdrag)

What we can do for you:

  • Gap Analysis to determine the status of your ships
  • Implementation of MLC 2006
  • Set up a plan of action
  • Internal audits
  • Guidance with external audits

Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC-2006)

The MLC-2006, or Maritime Labour Convention, has been implemented since 20-08-2013 in an increasing number of flag state countries, including The Netherlands.
The MLC-2006 applies to all ships (irrespective of tonnage) whether publicly or privately owned, ordinarily engaged in commercial activities.
Commercial activitiy is considered to be any maritime activity undertaken for the purpose of generating revenue which includes but is not limited to activities such as maritime transport, trade, transit, chartering, towing, salvage, offshore supply, offshore support, accommodation, exploration/exploitation/processing of sea-bed mineral resources, research etc.The MLC-2006 does not apply to ships engaged in fishing or in similar pursuits and ships of traditional build, to warships or naval auxiliaries, and to ships which navigate exclusively in inland waters or waters within, or closely adjacent to, sheltered waters or areas where port regulations apply.
Ships >500GT need to be certified vor MLC-2006. Ships <500GT do not need ot be certifies, but have to comply with MLC-2006 regulations.

  • Check this flow chart to see if MLC-2006 applies to you.
  • Download and study the MLC-2006 Code and the national legislation or save yourself time and start making your DMLC Part II fast and efficiently using the MLC 2006 Document Generator. Go to and start immediately.
  • Contact us through email or telephone and ask for advice.
  • For ships flying the Dutch flag: download the DMLC Part I and Annex voor traditionele zeilschepen and read how the MLC-2006 has been implemented in the Dutch legislation with regards to the traditional sailing ships.

Explanation of abbreviations:
ILO = International Labour Organisation
MLC = Maritime Labour Convention
DMLC = Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance 
DMLC Part 2, MLC 2006 certificate