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Pricelist for Classroom bAsed training 2018

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Crisis Management & Human Behaviour (STCW V/2, 6, A-V/2.3) * € 495,00
Crowd Management (STCW V/2, 4, A-V/2.1) € 215,00
Passenger Safety, Cargo Safety and Hull Integrity (STCW V/2, 7, A-V/2.4) * € 340,00
Security Awareness Training  (STCW VI/6, 1-3, A VI/6.1-4) * € 120,00
Security Duties Training (STCW VI/6, 4-6, A-VI/6.6-8) *
Excluding Security Awareness
€ 200,00
Security Duties Training (STCW VI/6, 4-6, A-VI/6.6-8) *
Including Security Awareness
€ 320,00
Ship Security Officer  (STCW VI/5, 1-3, A-VI/5.1-4) * € 460,00

* These courses are approved by NSI conform STCW 2010

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  • All prices are per person and include the training material and certificate
  • Coffee and tea is included. Lunch also - if applicable
  • All prices exclude 21% VAT
  • We can offer tailor made prices for groups larger than 9 participants
  • We can offer tailor made prices for combination of courses
  • The minimum amount of participants per training is 5 and the maximum 24 persons
  • For information about support of the O&O foundation, please click here