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Custom built training

Knowledge and skill contribute to the confidence and position of members of staff and crew. Obviously this has a positive effect on the motivation and performance of employees. And precisely that is where your company will benefit: working with efficient people who make the effort.
Rood Boven Groen can contribute to the training of your employees. Besides offering approved STCW courses in the field of safety and security we also provide customized training with the aim to refresh and further knowledge whilst at the same time to offer your employees something extra to increase their drive. 

Workshops, lectures or training spread over a couple of days. Small or large groups. At your own location or on board your vessel. We like to get to work for you!
Some examples for custom built training:
  • Cold Water Training. Everything about unexpectedly falling into cold water. A practical training for seafarers, off-shore crew and rescue workers.
  • MLC Workshop. A practical workshop to start working with the Martime Labour Convention.
  • Scenariotrainingen. Some examples are man-over-boord, abandon ship and ship-to-shore drill. 

Curious about what Rood Boven Groen can do for you? Contact us for a non-committal offer or additional information.
Read more about funding opportunities for training through the O&O Fund.